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NM SW Sunset

A few books in production for release in 2023-2024

Loving Dad's Best Friend; The Cowboy

I’m a single mom, freshly divorced, falling for my dad’s best friend.

…sounds like a cliche country song. Sadly this is now my life.


I’m returning home with my tail between my legs after a horrendously failed marriage.


Zion is my dad's best friend and next-door neighbor and helping my family on our Ranch.


I don't remember having a thing for older men or cowboys.


The grey around his temples reminds me that he is older but the muscles from years of ranch work tell a different story.


The more time I spend around him, the more I allow myself to entertain forbidden thoughts.

I keep catching him staring at me suggesting that he is thinking the same thing. 


If we can't keep ourselves in control Dad and Zion could become enemies.

My fate would be worse.


But living next door and working with him makes it hard to keep my distance.

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Tenative Release Date November 2023

I'm former military

I can deadlift more than twice my bodyweight and run with combat bags for long distances.

I have survived shoot outs and saved my fellow soldiers.

I survived and returned with all my limbs attached and without PTSD

I though I couldnt fear anything anymore...Until this morning when an infant was left at my door.

High Desert Southwest
January Snow

To be released January 2024

High Desert Southwest
Faking It With The Billionaire Playboy CEO

Anticipated release date Mid August 2023

A CEO trying to escape his billionaire playboy reputation.

A sassy, smart fake fiance contracted to clean his image for the clients. 


I was the typical spoiled rich kid clubbing, jet-setting across the globe, and driving the most expensive vehicles like I stole them.


Now that I have taken over the family business, it's obvious that I don't have the reputation of a CEO.


All I have to do is to settle down as the business world sees me.


My sister's best friend is a smart and sassy business owner.

Having her be my fiance sounds like the best way to scrub my image and close some deals.


She is the whole package with looks, smarts, and able to think quickly.

She challenges me at everything, even in the bedroom.

I know Im falling for her but I can't tell if this relationship is more than fake for her.

fake billionaire playboy CEO cover.jpg
Release Date near end of 2023

The enjoyent of writers block ......

High Desert Southwest
Spring 2024

Even More Writers Block to annoy me and Chad, who I cant live without.  He keeps telling me to shred it if I hate it this much but...

High Desert Southwest
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