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A warm welcome to our latest scribe

Kendall Kannon


About Kendall

I am a native New Mexican.   I am very much a private person.  I grew up in the Sacremento Mountains of New Mexico.  I spent a lot of time in the forests in my off time.


I have always enjoyed writing short stories.  I enjoy Romantic and Suspense writing.  I have recently found enoiyment in novellas.  


Loving My Dad's Best Friend, The Cowboy

I’m a single mom, freshly divorced, falling for my dad’s best friend.

…sounds like a cliche country song. Sadly this is now my life.


I’m returning home with my tail between my legs after a horrendously failed marriage.


Zion is my dad's best friend and next-door neighbor and helping my family on our Ranch.


I don't remember having a thing for older men or cowboys.


The grey around his temples reminds me that he is older but the muscles from years of ranch work tell a different story.


The more time I spend around him, the more I allow myself to entertain forbidden thoughts.

I keep catching him staring at me, suggesting that he is thinking the same thing. 


If we can't keep ourselves in control Dad and Zion could become enemies.

My fate would be worse.


But living next door and working with him makes it hard to keep my distance.


Partnering Up With A Billionaire

My one-night stand last night… Tantalizing. 

Finding out it was with my new boss… Scandalous.


I’m the new girl in town, looking forward to starting my new job in a prestigious law firm. 


I was just hanging out in the neighborhood bar when the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen, walks in.


I can tell by how his shirt sits that he’s all biceps and chiseled muscle.


When he sits next to me, one thing leads to another, ending in steaming up the windows of his waiting limo. 


When I show up for work, I’m introduced to my boss… and it’s him. 

He may be cute, but he’s the definition of grumpy alpha male.


Despite him being almost impossible to work for, I can't stop thinking about that night in his limo. 


His occasional smirks in my direction tell me he can’t either.


But I wonder how he will take the news that I’m carrying his baby.

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